April 15, 2023 Report to the District

REPORT FROM VLEIF - April 15, 2023

This will be a brief update on the activities of the VLEIF for the current year.

1.  Scholastic Grants – We received 23 Scholastic Grant Applications, and the Grant Wrap-up report is attached.  None of this would be possible without the Clubs.  Thanks to the sponsoring clubs for your participation.

2.  Eye Care for the needy expanded to Fredericksburg, VA -  VLEIF has donated an eyecare lane to the “Moss Free Clinic” in Fredericksburg, VA and encouraged the Clubs in that area to become involved with increasing the availability of eye care for the needy and uninsured.  We now need to recruit eye care professionals to help fully utilize the equipment.

3.  The VLEIF board approved and established the “Lion Richard A. Falls Research Grant” program with an annual budget of $40,000.00 in 2019-2020 and we continue to fund research projects dedicated to curing and/or preventing eye diseases and improving the life of those with vision impairments.

4.  VLEIF continues to fund and support the Lions Eye Clinic at the Inova complex.  We contribute $25,000.00 per year to the operating expenses. This clinic is dedicated to providing eyecare to indigents who have no insurance, and once per week perform eye exams and provide eyeglasses to needy individuals.

5. The VLEIF board also is in the process of approving the purchase of equipment for Inova in the amount of $30,000.00 for eyecare.

6.  VLEIF also join with the “Prevention of Blindness Society of the Washington Metropolitan Area” in support of the Alexandria Low Vision Learning Center.  This practice is dedicated to serving those who are chronically visually impaired in our community.

7.  The VLEIF Board has approved funds to assist the clubs with providing needed eyecare assistance when they come up against budget shortfalls.  This fund is scheduled to be increased by proceeds from the dissolution of the Sight and Hearing Van Corporation.  This should be a big help to clubs trying to make sure that anyone who need help can get it.   Just contact me or our District Representative and we will help when we can.

/s/ Ed “Woody” Woodard, PDG

President VLEIF – E-mail:  Woodywoodard@cox.net Cell Ph:  703-314-0889
Lion Sheryl Bass – District VLEIF Representative - s.l.bass@verizon.net Ph: 703-361-4980

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