Lions Eye Clinic
VLEIF Scholarship LUncheon - Feb 2024

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About the VLEI Foundation

The Virginia Lions Eye Institute Foundation (VLEIF) was incorporated in 1979 and adopted as a District 24-A (24-L as of 7/1/2018) project by the District Governor's Cabinet in 1980.

Eye Clinic Serving District 24-L

In 1966 the Lions Eye Clinic was established at the Joseph Willard Health Center, City of Fairfax as a cooperative effort between the District 24-A (now District 24-L) Lions Clubs, the Fairfax County Health Department and volunteer ophthalmologists. The Clinic's mission is to provide basic eye care to people who could not afford care.The Lions Eye Clinic moved to Fairfax Hospital in 1974. The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

The Lions Eye Clinic provides services for indigent individuals only. Family assistance workers in the Fairfax County Health Department determine an individual's indigent status. Individuals, who have no medical insurance coverage, meet certain income standards based on the number of dependents, and are classified as coming under the Income "A" category may qualify as indigent. Referrals to the Clinic are made by the Fairfax County Health Department, Arlington County Health Department, Arlington Free Clinic, Baileys Crossroads Health Clinic, Alexandria Casey Clinic, South County Health Clinic, and doctors. Any Lions Club throughout District 24-L can refer indigent individuals to the Lions Eye Clinic for treatment and or surgery. This should be arranged through the District VLEIF Chairperson.

Daily Operations

The Lions Eye Clinic at Fairfax Hospital operates five days a week. Within the Clinic's operation are many specialized areas. Cataract, Glaucoma, Oculoplastics, Retina, Lions, Children Specialty Services, and Cornea/External Disease services are available . These services are scheduled throughout the month.